(picture from a few years back)

Living Donor Kidney
Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Wayne Clayton, a 46 year old grandpa, former computer programmer and race car driver (25 plus years behind the wheel) living in Moore, SC. I've had several life threatening illnesses over the the last few years, but bounced back each time. I am now in deperate need of a kidney transplant!

One of the biggest challenges of my life is dealing with Kidney Failure. I receive dialysis treatments three times per week, four hours each time. Receiving a new kidney will possibly eliminate this and get my life closer to normal.

I find it hard to ask people for help on such a personal commitment, expecially asking for an organ. Regardless, I need one, and could really use your help!

My blood type is O+, but any O type will work.

If you would like more information, or like to be tested as a candidate, please let me know. You can email(kidney@wayneclayton.com) call, text, or just flag me down somewhere.

Financial Donations
In order help cover medical cost for not only the recipient(me) and the donor, I also need financial help.

I have medicare insurance, and they only cover 80% of the surgeries! The transplant hospital needs a proof of saving of $5000 in order to assure that the patient(me) can get the medications I need. If you would like, You can make donations in any of a number of ways.

  • Gofundme Crowdfunding page
  • Paypal: You can follow the link and the money will go directly to me.
  • contact me personally: 864-616-0110
  • Email:kidney@wayneclayton.com
  • Buy and wear a "Kidney Needed" Shirt with a link to this site. Call or text me to find out more information. 864-616-0110

Thank you for any help you can give, and please spread the word. God Bless!